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Posted On: December 20, 2018

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Morning Brew

Company Description

Changing the media landscape one email at a time

Job Description

**This job application is geared toward the following industries: marketing, technology, retail and real estate**

Hey, want to write about the business of a specific industry for Morning Brew? Perfect. We are hiring someone to launch and be the sole writer of a new industry-specific newsletter launching in Q1 of 2019. We currently have job postings up for real estate, retail, emerging technology and marketing.

What’s a Morning Brew?

Morning Brew is making the business world more engaging and exciting for young professionals. Every day at 6 am we send a business newsletter to 750,000 readers (and counting).

Who’s behind it? We are a 9-person team with skills in editorial, advertising, technology, growth, sales, and product management. But we all share the same passion for learning, creating, and turning the Brew into a household name.

So … why are we writing about specific industries?

Right now, we send out one kick-ass email a day, but we’re itching to send out a few more. By diving into industry verticals, we can create more of the same witty, conversational, and informative content our community loves.

Here’s where you come in:

You will join our team as a full-time employee and write 100% of the newsletter 3 times a week. That includes:
- Curating the most important news pieces
- Writing the stories
- Representing Morning Brew marketing in both the physical and digital world

Our aspiration is for you to grow with us—we want you to become the thought leader in the space by giving you both the resources and the audience reach to get you there.

Who we’re looking for:

You are obsessed with the business news of a specific industry.
- We don’t care who handed you that Kool Aid, but you are ripping shots of it.
- You could talk to a wall about the industry and have a great conversation.
- That little breakthrough that might change the market forever? That recent policy change that is about to rock every process? You’re first to know about it and first to freak out about it.

You dig our vibe.
- You agree that business news is broken, and want to be a part of the change.

You have a unique voice.
- When you write, your personality shines through. Readers could recognize it’s you even if your name isn’t on the piece.

You have an incredible pulse on this specific industry.
- You have the ability to sift through the news and identify what really matters—not what simply drives clicks.

You have serious writing chops.
- That means a close attention to detail. You must be able to catch any and all mistakes and use compelling sentence structure to engage readers.

Must be able to meet deadlines. Simple as that.

- You will work with us in our WeWork in NYC
- Competitive salary with opportunity for upside

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