Unpaid Contributor: Financial and Personal Finance News

Posted On: January 29, 2019


Media Organization: Investing.com/Allrates

Company Description

Investing.com is a financial publisher. With 30 international editions, 20 million monthly users and over 170 million monthly sessions, we’re ahead of Bloomberg and second only to Yahoo Finance in the arena of financial trading news.

Investing.com is now expanding into the world of personal finance, including personal loans, banking, insurance, travel and everything to do with managing money: from student loans to planning weddings, to going through a divorce to managing your weekly food budget. To this end, we’ve launched a dedicated site, Allrates.com, as well as a personal finance section on Investing.com.

Job Description

We are looking for journalism students to contribute news articles and features to our sites: allrates.com and investing.com.

We're interested in a wide variety of content: from money diaries to interviews with personal finance gurus to people who are making their money work in extreme situations, whether that be traveling the globe or as a single mother of three.

We're also interested in looking at how government policy affects people's everyday money-making decisions. When the federal rate rises, what does that mean for people's mortgages, for example? If the Affordable Care Act comes to an end, how much more or less will the average person be spending on healthcare?

Students will be working with experienced editors of more than 10 years' standing, who will hone their copy and educate them on every element of the reporting process from pitching to researching to writing and editing.

To Apply

Students will submit their resumes and two writing samples.