Freelance Social Media Manager for Journalism/News Start-up

Posted On: May 3, 2019


Media Organization: Inspo.

Company Description

Inspo. is a new youth journalism and news project.

We interview amazing people under-25ish who are changing the world- youth activists, entrepreneurs, artists, etc. The interview conversations address deep topics with a focus on actionable journalism, and socially and politically-relevant topics. They include audio soundbite excerpts, so you can "hear it straight from the source" without bias.

In addition to the interviews, Inspo. curates news that matters to young people, and distributes digitally.

Job Description

Looking for part-time paid freelancer who is great at social and passionate about news/journalism/current events.

Responsible for posting and creating content/strategy with founder. Ideal candidate has graphic design and PS experience.

Flexible hours/days. Remote work possible, or from our NYC (home) office. Company is a (very) small youth journalism and news start-up based in NYC. Room for growth and taking on other responsibilities in both short and long-term.


To Apply

Send resume, links to social, portfolio work, to Jeff Cafone (