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Posted On: May 10, 2019

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: Footnote

Company Description

Footnote collaborates with the academic community to amplify the impact of their research and expertise by sharing it with a broader audience.

Academic knowledge is a powerful but underused resource. The existing system for communicating scholarly research has a limited ability to drive change beyond the university, as knowledge often remains in jargon and journals targeting small communities of peer researchers. Driven by funding pressures and evolving ideas about the university’s role in society, the academic community is increasingly taking a more proactive, expansive approach to the dissemination of ideas. Footnote helps universities and scholars play an active role in shaping how their research is communicated and used by the public.

Job Description

Footnote ( is looking for a skilled social media specialist to help us unlock the power of academic research by making it accessible and engaging to the public. We’re seeking a science communicator who can drive forward our efforts to amplify research via effective storytelling, while also cultivating our online presence, promoting our mission, and growing our audience.

We partner with universities, research centers, and scholars to increase the impact and influence of their research by communicating it to audiences outside academia who can turn research into action. We collaborate with clients from schools such as Brown, Columbia, Harvard, and Stanford to create original content highlighting their research and expertise. We place articles in outlets including The Boston Globe, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, The Hill, and The Washington Post and promote them on social media and through university channels.

We’re looking for a new team member who has a passion for science and research and wants to help it have a bigger impact. Our ideal candidate is a skilled communicator who can identify captivating content, craft compelling posts, engage and expand our audience, and cultivate our brand on social media. We are hiring for 5-10 flexible, remote hours a week at a rate of $18 - $28 an hour, depending on experience level. Core responsibilities and qualifications include:

Manage the promotion of Footnote, partner, and related content on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
Identify compelling, “on-brand” content to share
Oversee the creation and posting of engaging social content
Handle engagement and interactions with other social accounts
Develop and execute strategies for growing our audience and expanding awareness of Footnote through social media
Track and create reports on social media outcomes for select articles (i.e. likes, shares, clicks, engagement by high-profile accounts, etc.)

Experience managing professional accounts on Twitter and Facebook, particularly for organizations in science, media, higher education, research, or related fields
Ability to identify and present compelling, engaging, relevant content that creates a cohesive identity for an organization’s social presence
Experience growing and interacting with social media audiences and driving engagement on social media channels
Self-driven, detail and task oriented, able to manage and execute on your own with limited day-to-day oversight

To Apply

If interested, please send a resume, short email introduction, and samples of relevant social media accounts you’ve managed and posts you’ve written to

We’ve love to know: What social accounts have you managed, particularly in science, media, higher education, research, or related fields?
What are some of the most impressive examples of social media content you’ve designed and written?
Have you successfully grown an account’s followers? If so, what strategies did you use and how effective were they?
What excites you about this position? What kind of nerd are you and what drives your passion for science, social science, and academic research?