Audience Engagement Editor

Posted On: June 7, 2019

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Moment Magazine

Company Description

Moment is a thriving print and digital magazine known for its first-rate journalism, cultural and literary criticism, and signature symposiums. It was co-founded in 1975 by Leonard Fein and Elie Wiesel and has been led by Nadine Epstein since 2004. As Leonard Fein proudly declared in the premier issue, Moment would include diverse opinions “of no single ideological position, save of course, for a commitment to Jewish life.”

Job Description

Moment is seeking an energetic editor to lead our digital outreach effort. The ideal candidate lives and breathes social media and loves journalism; is a self-starter who works well in a collaborative environment and thrives on deadlines. The audience engagement editor is expected to become an integral part of the small, hard-working Moment team.

The Audience Engagement Editor will be expected to:
Manage all aspects of Moment’s website and ensure that site content is up-to-date.
Spearhead online editorial production: write, edit and design content (stories, videos, introductions) that reflects Moment’s style and tone, including writing, editing, production and management of Moment’s newsletter and other digital projects.
Create a social media strategy with clear goals and objectives; Expand Moment’s reach on social networks; Increase traffic to Moment’s website; Monitor data on website visitors through Google Analytics;
Support traffic goals by finding, testing and implementing new tools and strategies for growth and adjustment.

The ideal candidate will possess:
Previous journalism experience
Stellar writing and editing skills
Extensive experience with digital tools and platforms such as WordPress
Social-media mastery of at least three platforms
Candidates should also be team players, creative thinkers, problem solvers, possess
a positive attitude and a sense of humor, and be willing and able to work deadline hours.

To Apply

To Apply: Send a cover letter, resume and clips to