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Posted On: July 11, 2019


Media Organization: Hollywood Insider

Company Description

Hollywood Insider has been revamped, re-engineered and transformed into a media platform which focuses on substance and meaningful entertainment by combining education, entertainment and philanthropy while also staying away from gossip and scandal. We care more about substance driven content. We are also into transformation rather than titillation. Hollywood Insider is a movement to make the world a better place through entertainment.

Job Description

Location: This is a remote position

What kind of content are we looking for?

We are looking for writers and content that show us a different perspective. We are looking for writers that believe they can change the world for the better with their writing. We are looking for writers that believe in substance and meaningful entertainment. Each article has to adhere to our mission statement. Fact checking is more important than trying to be the first ones to break the latest news. Also, more important is the fact that we care more about how many people our articles have transformed rather than how many articles we publish per day. Above all, we believe in freedom of speech and expression, but are against freedom of hatred and are interested in writers that understand the difference. In this world of numbers, statistics and likes - we will continue to focus on reaching the humanity in humans via entertainment laden with substance and meaning.

What you get?

Writers will receive exposure publishing their enriching content through a well known and respected media platform. Writers will also get a chance at being a part of the revamping of the platform. Carefully selected writers will also get an opportunity to collaborate with and on respected celebrities and their stories in meaningful ways. Will also work close with management team and be involved in a movement which is a on a global scale with A-list celebrities involved.

To Apply

1. Email resume and cover letter to pitch@hollywoodinsider.com. Incude:
2. Writing samples
3. Phone Interview