Multimedia Reporter, Video Editor

Posted On: July 29, 2019

Journalism Job

Media Organization: CoinDesk

Company Description

About CoinDesk

Since 2013, CoinDesk has been the leader in cryptocurrency and blockchain news.

Through our independent journalism and monthly research reports, we cover the key trends, technologies, companies and people that matter in bitcoin, ethereum and other blockchain tech communities. We also host must-attend events, such as Consensus, CoinDesk's annual blockchain summit, which has become the industry’s largest annual event for experts and leaders from the startup, investment, financial services, and policy communities.

Job Description

Cryptocurrency is changing the future of money and at CoinDesk, the emerging technology’s leading publication, we're here chronicle the journey. But we know journalism is changing, and people want to consume their news in a variety of interactive media.

With that, CoinDesk is seeking a multimedia reporter who can find and tell compelling audio and video stories – both for our website and our social feeds – and reinvent the way the publication brings information to our audience.

The role will require:

Digital Skills

+ A high digital literacy and creativity
+ Acumen with social media (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope)
+ Experience shooting and editing video
+ Experience with standard CMS functions

Media Skills

+ Strong written communication skills
+ Strong eye for video quality
+ Some Adobe creative suite experience preferredbut not mandatory
+ Experience in production and post production assistance for published and streaming online media content.
+ Understanding of social media video formats

Bonus Skills

+ You’re great on camera
+ Familiarity with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

To Apply

Please send a resume and selected clips to