Posted On: August 15, 2019


Media Organization: Truly Curious

Company Description

Truly Curious covers pure, evidence-based research in terms that everyone from a high-school student to a professional researcher can understand. We want to particularly highlight unsung researchers who have transformed their fields with their original thinking and positive leadership.

Job Description

We are looking for writers who can cover evidence-based research on everything from anthropology to zoology. The target audience is made up of the truly curious, people who want to know how everything in the universe works without necessarily being in the field being discussed.

The pieces can cover how the researchers came up with the idea, the trips and stumbles they experienced along the way to their eventual discovery (explained in as much detail as an interested lay audience can expect. It should also have some background on the researcher. With pics and perhaps archived video of the researcher and her research, there should be a great addition to any portfolio.

To Apply

Send an email explaining why you'd be be a good person to cover research to, with a copy to Do include links or example of pieces you've done.
Thank you.