Freelance Technical Broadcast Operator

Posted On: October 8, 2019

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: StudiGo

Company Description

StudiGo is the only fully mobile news studio.
This is what it looks like:
We work with major news outlets. We send our mobile studio-in-van to the guest’s home ... so they don’t have to go anywhere. The guest sits inside our studio-on-wheels and does the live interview from the comforts of their driveway, rather than having to go to the studio. We pride ourselves in offering professional curbside convenience.

Job Description

We are expanding the StudiGo business to the tri-state area (NY, NJ, and CT) and are looking for a freelancer technical broadcast operator.

We can train the right person on the technical production skills, but a few requirements are a must:
⁃ able to drive and comfortably operate a transit van (reverse park, sometimes night drive)
⁃ be at least 25 years old (due to insurance)
⁃ be confident, reliable, responsive and communicative
⁃ present professionally
⁃ have a legal right to work in US (and provide a 1099) and have a clean driving record.

While the job is technical, not editorial, having a general interest in news and/or production is beneficial.

We already operate in DC and LA. The tri-state area will be a new market for us.

We plan to start in October. The workload may be small at first, but we expect it to grow over time, so flexibility is key. We need someone on a standby, ad hoc and sometimes last-minute basis.

The ideal candidate is someone with an independent schedule (editing a documentary, writing a dissertation, grading papers, designing websites, etc), who would appreciate the extra cash, but won’t starve without it. AND, someone who can easily and quickly change their schedule, as needed. (For example, you are told at 10am that a client may need us at 7pm, but we will only know for sure at 4pm.)

The StudiGo will be parked near the operator. Thus, the ideal operator should live in a location that is central/accessible to New York (Long Island and Upstate), Connecticut, and New Jersey.

The operator is paid a flat fee per gig. Most gigs last one hour, plus the round trip drive.

To Apply

Interest applications should email:
Please include a resume and a blurb about yourself, and please confirm you've read the job description and understand that the work is ad-hoc.