Research Assistant

Posted On: December 11, 2019

Media-Related Job

Media Organization:Reading Right

Company Description

Reading Right is an organisation that educates readers using newspapers. We create educational material from newspapers and train readers using various learning modules built on newspaper learning pedagogy. These modules heighten logical reasoning and critical thinking, all along using news material as the core content. Started in 2013, the organisation has been remodelled to incorporate technology recently and is seeking a team to lead the various divisions of the organisation.

Job Description

A research assistant will be required to select educational content from Indian and global newspapers. Following this they will have to create learning material off newspapers in the paradigm demonstrated and practiced by the organisation. They will be working in close connect with the visual team to create explanatory videos for all readers and will have the flexibility to create new learning techniques and paradigms for enhanced newspaper learning. They must be thorough with newspaper topics and terms so as to understand each of the articles well enough to provide explanatory content for the readers. The job requires them to sift through a large number of news articles daily from across newspapers, journals, periodicals and scholar articles.

To Apply

Send resume and cover letter to Shrishti Jain (