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Posted On: February 19, 2020

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Media Organization: Consumer Reports

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Consumer Reports

Job Description

The Associate Deputy functions as a high-level program manager focused on the fulfillment of the Tech team's content strategy and business goals by producing best-in-class, reader-focused content across CR's digital and print platforms.

Key Responsibilities:
• Under the direction of the Tech Content Team Leader, helps develop and execute the content strategy for the product categories and topics the tech team covers, which could include anything from new developments in laptop technology to strategies for comparing cellular plans.
• Works with the Team Leader and Deputy Editor to develop, assign, edit, and produce content for multiple CR platforms. Ensures team's coverage is excellent, creative, and useful.
• Manages and mentors staff writers, helping them improve the quality of their work while also overseeing delivery of timely, accurate content in accordance with the team's strategy.
• Works closely with teams across our organization (Test Engineers, Market Analysts, Survey, Advocacy, Communications, Statistics, Design, and other key stakeholders) to maximize resources and consumer impact. Coordinates information from all stakeholders to support assigned content areas.
• May produce content on complex product categories and consumer issues. Takes full ownership of all stories and related content. Monitors developments around content areas within CR and out in the market at large, ultimately becoming CR's foremost subject-matter expert —the go-to person, both internally and externally, on assigned topics.
• Pursues in-depth investigative reports, working closely with teams across the organization and developing external sources to deliver content that aligns with CR's mission.
• Acts, as needed, as in-house Tech Team spokesperson and CR Tech representative for media outreach, along with tradeshows and industry events, as needed.
• Acts as needed as on-camera Tech subject-matter expert for CR video platforms.
• Pulls together data from across CR; summarizes and interprets data and market information to make relevant content recommendations. Uses that information to fuel reader-focused stories.
• Moves content through production process with efficiency and accuracy, incorporating changes, working with art and production teams, preparing sourcing for fact-checking, and more.
• Edits and revises the work of reporters, as necessary.
• Performs other duties of the department as needed.

• College graduate or equivalent background with significant experience writing and editing the work of others and meeting rigid deadlines.
• Able to translate statistical and technical data into accurate, well-written, well-organized, and compelling content in a range of media formats.
• Excellent organizational skills.
• Well-developed judgment and a broad range of interests and knowledge
• Excellence in product coverage, supported by such growth opportunities as ongoing education courses, membership in professional associations, and involvement in industry/professional conferences.
• Understanding of the unique content needs and conventions across all platforms including print, digital, video and social media.
• Proficiency in word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software; knowledge of state-of-the-art page design software ,i.e.K4.
• Partner with other team managers in hiring, training, and developing staff.
• Motivate a staff of professionals to achieve high performance.
Success Criteria:

• Acts with integrity, keeps commitments and inspires through personal conviction.
• Focuses self and others on action and results, responsibly managing budget and people resources.
• Promotes collaboration and inclusion, breaking down silos and leveraging connections and interdependencies. Inspires staff to model these behaviors as well.
• Responds quickly with course corrections based on CR's best interest.
• Clearly communicates and builds cross-functional support.
• Leads people and processes to realize new opportunities.
• Leverages knowledge of competitive landscape, marketplace trends, best practices and technology to improve CR's ability to compete, inspiring colleagues to do the same.
• Translates goals, priorities and key information into simple, impactful messages.
• Sets forth a clear and compelling vision, establishes the right priorities and actionable goals; ensuring team members understand their roles.
• Seeks to build a diverse team and sets staff up for success through empowering direct reports and providing constructive feedback as needed.



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