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Posted On: April 27, 2020


Media Organization:

Company Description

AskNature is the world’s most comprehensive library of nature’s solutions to human design challenges, featuring information on natural phenomena and bio-inspired applications written for a general audience. The intention of AskNature is to inspire, engage, educate and reconnect audiences to nature’s 3.8 billion years of wisdom.

Job Description, a program of the Biomimicry Institute, is seeking several talented science writers to research academic papers, compose biological strategy pages and help bolster our database of nature-driven solutions. At this time, we are going through a relaunch process, and in an effort to ensure that the holistic vision of biomimicry is served, we are looking to update our pages to reflect the three pillars of biomimicry: ethos, emulate and reconnect. We are committed to storytelling that engages audiences who may not usually find themselves on a scientific website, but feel the deep need to connect and learn from the natural world. If you’re a highly detail-oriented researcher, an engaging writer, and have a passion for biology, nature, and the science behind it all, we’d love to hear from you.

Job Function:
Each Science Writer will produce biological strategy pages summarizing specific adaptations of a particular organism. The goal of these pages is to convey the different ways in which nature has solved a particular problem and offer suggestions for how we can emulate these adaptations to solve various human challenges.

Primary duties:
· Research biological topics (both assigned and independently identified), read and analyze related scientific literature, and assess accuracy of scientific claims
· Summarize findings and synthesize data through accessible and engaging language for general and youth audiences
· Source related images and videos and build strategy pages within the CMS platform (WordPress) for publication

Qualifications and skills desired:
· Superior understanding of life sciences
· Strong writing, editing and proofreading skills
· Strong analytical and research skills
· Graduate degree in science writing, journalism or related field
· 2-3 years professional science writing experience preferred
· Familiarity with G Suite and WordPress or other CMS platforms
· Interest in communicating science through accessible language
· Ability to self-manage and meet deadlines
· Experience writing for youth and general audiences a plus
· Familiarity with biomimetic concepts a plus
Details and application submission guidelines:

This is a contract position offering up to 40 hours per week (3-4 strategy pages per week; each page takes on average about 10-15 hours to produce), depending on the writer’s availability, interest and skill level. On average, writers can expect to make $20-30 per hour.

To Apply

To apply, please send a brief cover letter along with your resume or CV and two writing samples to, all in PDF form with your name included in the title of each file. For example, your submitted CV should be labeled, "LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME.CV.pdf"