Posted On: January 11, 2021

Journalism Job

Media Organization: The Academic Times

Company Description

We serve scholars
We help scholars stay current by monitoring emerging scholarship across a range of disciplines. With more than 30,000 journals publishing at least two million articles each year, we understand how difficult it is for today's busy academics to keep track of things, to separate the profound from the mundane. That's why we make it easier for teachers, researchers and students to stay in the know

Our mission
Our mission is to bring the latest discoveries and insights to people who depend on intelligence to do their job well.

We come from a wide variety of backgrounds in journalism, but we share a common dedication to the scientific method. We value truth, transparency and a skeptical mindset and believe that we can make the world a better place through understanding.

Job Description

The Academic Times, published by Fastinform, Inc., is looking for science reporters to help cover new ideas and theories in biology, chemistry and physics.

We’re rolling out our breaking news coverage of scientific progress. For each academic discipline, we intend to hire reporters to write articles with news and analysis, illustrated by charts and tables.

Subscribers will receive newsletters with the latest discoveries and innovations in each academic disclipline, and throughout the day we plan to publish breaking news on Twitter. We plan to make money by charging a subscription fee for access to our intelligence.

Our goal is to hire two reporters every month. We are extremely selective. There’s no beating around the bush: Our reporters have to be smart. They have to be curious about a lot of things, be able to absorb complex information, recognize interesting and important patterns and trends, and write about their discoveries in a way that readers find exciting and interesting.

To be considered for the job as reporter, you'll need to take a test. There are no exceptions. If we're interested in working with you, we'll send you an invitation to take the test. You'll be able to pick a four-hour window of time to take the test. Our recruiting coordinator will work with you, within reason, to find a time that's convenient to you.

This is an exciting opportunity for someone who's eager to grow and get challenged as a journalism professional. We are a well funded startup with ambitious growth plans. Although we're based in New York, we are looking for people who are able to work remotely. Yes, you can work from home. And yes, you'll get health insurance and other great benefits and plenty of time off.


Review recently published research for interesting findings

Interview scholars and experts

Submit at least one article per day


Intellectual curiosity and interest in science and discovery

Ability to see the bigger picture and provide original, thoughtful takes on breaking news

Strong news judgment and writing skills

Ability to produce clean copy quickly and meet deadlines

At least one year of full-time news reporting experience, preferably with daily writing assignments; exceptions may be allowed for anyone with a track record of regularly published writing

Bachelor’s degree in relevant field, such as journalism, economics, philosophy, political science, history or English

To Apply

Apply here:

Submit resume without cover letter. If selected, take online test.