Blog Curator and Manager

Posted On: March 8, 2021

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Media Organization: Patheos

Company Description

Patheos—the premier online destination to engage in the global dialogue about religion and spirituality—is seeking a skilled Blog Curator and Manager to take over a new position at Patheos, which will focus on transitioning our open community of nearly 300 bloggers to a regulated and more select group of diverse bloggers. Scouting for new talent, coming up with ideas for new topical blogs, and monitoring the current blogs to make sure they are following Patheos rules/protocol, are key duties of this position. Training bloggers to make their blogs more SEO effective and appealing to readers and recommending posts (from the blogs) for both the newsletters and the main page (based on what’s trending)—are also essential functions of this position.
As a team, we believe that our work, our organization, and each of us as individuals is better when our perspective and worldview is diverse, broad, and empathetic. We value diversity, inclusion, and equity and we encourage people from different backgrounds and perspectives to apply.

Job Description

Identifying potential bloggers from across a variety of faith traditions; those “mission fit.”
Overseeing and managing communication with Patheos bloggers—supervising and monitoring fit.
Identifying areas of growth for Patheos within the blogsphere.
Overseeing topical blog channels, including submissions, applications and promotion.
Regularly uploading new content to website.
Training bloggers on how to create a post/blog page that increases traffic without use of clickbait.
Revamping and promoting Patheos “bloggers guide to success.”
Developing spaces for community and conversation building within Patheos blogs and on social media.
Contributing ideas and stories towards other Patheos projects and working with the editorial team as needed.

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