Posted On: April 15, 2021


Media Organization:Startupecology

Company Description

A Black Box Fund

A black-box-fund uses natural selection and intelligent design to optimize startup acceleration.

Instead of an application process we use a discovery process.

Instead of mentors we use dedicated marketing experts.

Instead of artificially imposed deadlines and pitch events we help founders to adapt and evolve.

Using the latest advances in psychology and behavioralism we give founders a stronger more resilient mindset.

Our token framework creates an virtuous cycle. Founders are brought together in an imbricated feedback loop. This mutualism creates a powerful emotional network.

The black box of startup development is the dark truth. It the fact that almost everyone fails. And, that no one really knows why a tiny percentage succeed. Ignoring this has created one of the most inefficient and ineffective institutions ever. There are few things in this worlds as dismal as entrepreneurship. No other industry boast such an abysmal failure rate. Even corporation with capital and brain power see new projects fail at huge rate. It is just too hard to predict consumer behavior when it comes to new products. This is the black box of startups.

The black box has always been there. We are simply the first to acknowledge it, and develop a solution for working in it.

We harness failure and make it an engine of success.

Job Description

Startupecology is looking for a writer to write a 10,000 words case study about a start up company, Michelle‘s Maccs.

The case study will be referenced in a book about how to create startups.

This case study will be about how Michelle‘s Maccs started in $0 to $1,000,000+ in a very short time.

The writer should use Startupecology’s existing notes, and interview the author and his team for the case study.

Pay: $750

To Apply

Email your writing portfolio, with the title “STUDENT FOR CASE STUDY, [NAME]”

To: atma@startupecology.com