American Science, Tech and Defense News Outlet Internship

Posted On: May 11, 2021

Paid Journalism Internship

Media Organization: The Debrief

Company Description

The Debrief was born out of the rebelliously curious minds of Micah Hanks, Tim McMillan, and MJ Banias. Our fundamental belief is that the world of tomorrow is built on the progress and imagination of today.

Noticing a significant gap in rigorous reporting on frontier technology, future science, the world of defense, and knowledge on the periphery of human understanding, we aspire to raise the bar on the discussion of these issues, always with a mind for fairness in reporting, a respect for national security, and the hope for a bright future for humankind.


The Debrief was launched to explore and report on developments in science, defense and intelligence, frontier technology, and knowledge that exists on the periphery of human understanding.

We operate under the core belief that the novel frontiers in science and technology are the incubator from which transformative and non-linear innovation is born. We aspire to bring attention to innovations in a number of fields and disciplines through informed–and fair–reporting and media coverage. Where warranted, we also believe phenomena in nature that approaches areas where scientific paradigms currently do not extend must also be examined, and discussed with journalistic integrity and rigor.

Job Description

Do you love everything to do with science, technology and defense?

American science, technology and defense news outlet, The Debrief has an internship/writer position opening. Please email your resume and cover letter to EIC, MJ Banias at to apply.


Length: 2 - 3 months (depending on personal internship time frames)

*End of internship payment to be discussed with our team.

Job Responsibilities
- Write 4 to 5 stories per week (600-800 words), most of which are aggregated news stories in a specific beat. This may include listicles and reported news stories.
- Write 1 longer story per week (1,000+ words) with original reporting in a specific beat.
- Closely monitor science or tech trends and innovations so as to constantly pitch story ideas.
- Regularly monitor socials and feeds for breaking stories in futurism, science and tech beats.
- Develop good sources inside the science and/or tech space.
- Work on 1 or 2 long-read features per month, or as time allows.
- Additional responsibilities as assigned by editors

Role Requirements
- Ability to work independently.
- Build up the team culture with a 'start-up' mentality.
- Dogged pursuit of vetting stories and sources.
- Some understanding of Google's tools, Trello, and WordPress.
- Clean copy.
- Strong and fast-paced writing skills for a digital publication.
- Understanding of, or willingness to learn, The Debrief's voice and approach.

To Apply

Please submit you cover letter and resume to MJ Banias at to apply.