Podcast Contributor

Posted On: October 12, 2021


Media Organization: J3Unscripted

Company Description

J3Unscripted is a NYC based podcast.

While we have interviewed best selling book authors and politicians among others, we have not shied away from discussing controversial topics free from the kind of censorship that you find in the mainstream media.

Job Description

Unlike other positions, where you work as an assistant and do as you're told, J3Unscripted is offering a student the freedom to create his own 3 -5 min piece(s) audio or a video for an exclusive segment in our podcast. You manage your own time and you send us your segment, fully edited and ready for our next podcast.

This is an unpaid opportunity, but giving you the freedom to hone your skills, challenge yourself and prepare what's next on your creative journey.

To Apply

Please email your resume to jeff@j3unscripted.com