Executive Director of the Central Valley Journalism Collaborative

Posted On: February 4, 2022

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Media Organization: Central Valley Journalism Collaborative

Company Description

About the Central Valley Journalism Collaborative

Founded by the James B. McClatchy Foundation in 2021, the Central Valley Journalism Collaborative (CVJC) reimagines a new model for protecting the local free press by addressing a new economic and community engagement approach by diversifying journalistic funding and philanthropic engagement. This approach centers local stakeholders and is symbiotic with local journalism’s roots in public service. The future of the free press is essential to the future of the Central Valley, a diverse home to over 7.5 million people across nearly 20,000 square miles speaking 105 languages. CVJC proposes a preventative infrastructure to ensure the protection of local communities by developing solutions for obstacles pertaining to ownership, operating capacity, and resources.

Learn more about CVJC by visiting the website and review the Feasibility Report on Developing a Central Valley Journalism Collaborative to understand the risk of losing local journalism in the Central Valley.

Job Description

Executive Director Job Description

CVJC is seeking to hire its first Executive Director to manage its exciting start-up and groundbreaking mission.

The Executive Director will report to the CVJC Board of Directors and work closely with the founding Board on three primary efforts in its first year of operations:

Building a dynamic and engaged board of directors

Strengthening journalism partners to preserve independent local journalism

Raise key philanthropic and other capital to leverage the seed support to accelerate the ongoing buildout of the CVJC

Responsible for vision and implementation, a coalition-builder and facilitator able to work across existing media institutions, new partners and investors, a leader who will advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion from the community and in the newsrooms.

Oversight of two major launchpad efforts:

inaugural start-up community-based efforts: the Merced CVJC Pilot in close partnership with the Editor-in-Chief (to be hired)

strengthening the network of JBMF-funded journalists in the Central Valley

Who Are We Looking For

5+ years of experience in an executive leadership role, with direct responsibility of managing a board of directors, fundraising, staff, operations, finance and programming.

A track record of growing partnerships and meaningful collaborations tied to essential work.

Fundraising acumen and philanthropic experience working with foundations andother capital partners to raise revenue

Familiarity of working in rural California, especially in the Central Valley

Experience leading a team through a vision, planning, and implementation process.

Ability to communicate and collaborate with a wide range of teams: freelance journalists and writers, editorial managers, news audiences and consumers, abroad funder community of donors, foundations, and business partners.

Experience in public interest media and communications.

We acknowledge that not every candidate will comprehensively meet this list of qualifications. We still want to hear from you and encourage you to apply.


A Free and Independent Press: You believe in the free press and that vibrant local news reporting and economies are critical to democracy. You recognize the threat of mis/information in news deserts and underserved communities.

Honoring Place: You understand the Central Valley's History, institutions, and communities.

Innovative Media User: You are familiar with existing and past media institutions,have a strong vision for their future and can imagine an inclusive journalism ecosystem in which new partners can be cultivated, introduced, and nurtured.

Equity at the Center: You believe diverse and inclusive perspectives are a foundation for how reporting and impact efforts are designed. Your vision is evolutionary, and you are willing to challenge long standing practices and assumptions about news reporting, journalism, and the hierarchy of the traditional newsroom and news consumers.

Collaborative Strategist: You are a proven strategist,problem-solver, and possess an entrepreneurial mindset able to demonstrate prior success in growing a news enterprise through collaboration and metrics that speak beyond profits to also reflect measurable changes in policy through reporting and community engagement.

Inspiring Communicator: You are an effective and humble communicator,comfortable speaking on behalf of colleagues, the Board, investors, and partnerson panels, interviews, and media appearances.


CVJC cares deeply about creating and upholding spaces for everyone to feel safe,valued and heard. This is particularly important in the Central Valley where media representation has not always recognized indigenous, QTBIPOC and working classpeople who represent the region and contribute so much to its communities. Towards a diverse workplace and a workforce that is representative of the Central Valley, we encourage women, QTBIPOC, people with disabilities and those who identify as members of ethnic minorities and identities to apply. CVJC is an equal opportunity employer.

To Apply

Apply for this Position

Please submit your application via email to careers@cvlocaljournalism.org.

The deadline for submission is February 19, 2022 by noon PST.

Include the following as a PDF attachment:

Letter of application addressing how your qualifications match the position criteria, and a brief statement that addresses your interest in the position, your passion for CVJC’s goals, and how you will contribute to the CVJC vision.

Most important are descriptions of experience forming and leading collaborations, how you’ve structured them and how they support effective reporting.

Absent direct experience, what is your vision for effective, regional reporting?

Resume including three references we may contact

Please enter “Executive Director” in the subject line of your email.