Research & Expressive Writing Intern

Posted On: February 23, 2022


Media Organization: The Love Story

Company Description

The Love Story provides expressive writing programs to people dealing with heartbreak, grief, and trauma. We exist to shift the perception of pain—not as something to be dismissed, ashamed, or avoided, but as an opportunity to grow spiritually, emotionally, and developmentally. Pain can be transformed into meaning and purpose through expressive writing and storytelling.

We inspire the broken hearted to transform pain into passion through workshops, mentorship, educational resources, publishing and interactive productions.

Job Description

As our research and expressive writing intern, you would be tasked with researching, writing, and helping publish articles about the science of our program (using journaling to heal from heartbreak,
grief, and other forms of trauma) for publishing every two weeks.

Articles can be brief (around 500 words or less), but must be well researched, properly sourced and cited, and original. On weeks
where you’re not publishing an article, you’ll be tasked with attending and participating in at least one of our daily journaling sessions. Sharing your journaling is not mandatory, but interns eager to publish and become a contributing journal-artist are preferred.

To Apply

Applicants can email Bry LeBerthon ( their resume alongside either a cover letter or a brief explanation of their interest (1-2 paragraphs; please cc and