Video Script Writer

Posted On: April 4, 2022


Media Organization:Critical Care and Resuscitation Group NYU Langone Health

Company Description

The Critical Care and Resuscitation Research group is an established multi-disciplinary group at NYU Langone Health in New York City. Our group, as the first research lab in the world dedicated to improving resuscitation care and exploring what happens to the human mind during and after cardiac arrest, is innovating the field’s approach to clinical research. Our goal is to identify novel methods to save the “lives and brains” of people who undergo cardiac arrest resuscitation. In addition we aim to explore quality of life issues, survivorship, and the mental and cognitive experience of cardiac arrest. While there is an increasing number of publications in this field of research, many people have never heard about this line of work, even though it has major implications for everyone. We would like to create a platform where we can share new discoveries in resuscitation research with the general public.

Job Description

Students will work closely with our staff to learn about the content of our current research studies. They will write scripts for short (<5 minutes) animated videos. These videos are intended to explain and present the major scientific concepts underlying our research in simple language. Once the students are familiar with the studies, they can use their skills to convey our research and guide viewers through complex scientific concepts.

The pay is $15/hour.

To Apply

Please reach out to Natalia Leontovich ( with your resume and a brief cover letter. We will contact you for an interview to be conducted over Zoom or in person.