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Posted On: June 22, 2022

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Media Organization:

Company Description is a top healthy living site, covering fitness, nutrition and health. We strive to help all people make informed decisions about their wellbeing. We inspire and motivate our readers to make life-changing healthy choices by providing credible and shareable information and an online support community. We rely on high-quality research and our network of experts to make the trustworthy, authoritative destination for people wanting to live their best lives.

Job Description

We are looking for a Health Writer to help us improve and grow’s library of high-quality, authoritative health articles. This position requires strong writing, reporting and editing skills as well as a solid understanding of SEO best practices and a familiarity with affiliate commerce writing. You will be responsible for creating new articles as well as updating existing articles to ensure readers are getting up-to-date, trustworthy health and nutrition information.

A typical day as a Health Writer might include:
- Writing and/or updating 2-3 stories daily
- Brainstorming and pitching timely stories with a news peg, SEO-informed and service-driven evergreen stories and shoppable affiliate commerce reviews and roundups
- Gathering information and conducting research on various health and nutrition topics to ensure your articles are accurate and backed by the most reliable, up-to-date information
- Finding, interviewing and developing relationships with a diverse group of health and nutrition experts
- Working closely with the Health and Nutrition editors to help them create and update articles in their sections
- Collaborating and coordinating with the Audience Development Team to ensure your articles are promoted across channels — including social media, email newsletters and referral platforms — in effective and engaging ways
- Keeping your finger on the pulse of the health and nutrition worlds in order to stay up to date on promising new developments and trends

What You Have:
- 1-3 years writing experience on staff for a digital health or lifestyle publication.
- Experience writing about health and science studies (and the ability to translate study-speak into useful takeaways the average reader can understand).
- Experience finding and interviewing health and nutrition experts on deadline.
- Impeccable writing and revising skills.
- Ability and willingness to accept and implement constructive feedback on assignments, and an eager attitude toward learning from top editors.
- A working knowledge of SEO best practices.
- A working knowledge of affiliate commerce best practices.
- Ability to prioritize and manage your time productively and independently.
- An interest in helping people from all backgrounds live their healthiest, happiest lives.
- Excellent verbal and written communication.
- A desire to participate in creating the workplace you want to be a part of.

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