HEAD JOURNALIST for soon-to-launch *radical feminist YouTube show + podcast

Posted On: May 3, 2024


Media Organization:THE QUEENS TEA

Company Description

THE QUEENS TEA is the media branch of the QUEENS FOUNDATION (a 501(c)6 launching in July 2024) which will fundraise for political and social causes.

THE QUEENS TEA is a "weekly" (twice a month for now/until monetized) wrap-up show offering radical (à la bell hooks) feminist analysis of news and culture. The tone is smart & silly---a femme, draggy version of PeeWee's Playhouse and Mr. Roger's Neighborhood meet Samantha Bee's Full Frontal. Our "playhouse" is MAMA D's SNEAKY SPEAKEASY in Queens, NY.

The first half of the show features MAMA D presenting and synthesizing news and cultural issues around timely themes.

The second half is the QUEENS TEA PARTY featuring an in-person guest to be interviewed and co-spill the (comedic) HOT TEA of the week--the sh*t that is really pissing us off.

The show will air on YouTube, clipped onto the socials, and released as a podcast.

Job Description

We are looking for a radical (à la bell hooks) feminist journalist ready to join the pre-production writing & news gathering team for our twice-a-month "weekly" wrap-up show. It is preferable that you are at the taping, as well. Tapings happening in Ridgewood, Queens on Saturday (the show is released the following Sunday morning).

The other writers are academics and artists and, whilst great writers and intellects, not trained as journalists so this would be an opportunity to share your news chops and help craft accurate, nuanced analysis and commentary.

Duties include
- working with the team ahead of the production to craft the sections of the show
- research
- fact checking
- compiling bibliographies
- gathering the mentioned, relevant visual / audio media to pass to the editor for inclusion on the show.

As it is an election year, much of our coverage will be of US politics and tracking federal and state legislative and judicial proceedings. In addition to feminism, an interest in and familiarity with US Politics and Geopolitics is preferred.

TAPING DATES (in Ridgewood, Queens)
(episodes released the next day, Sunday; we shoot every other week with the exception of between episodes 1 & 2)

SAT 5/11 - Episode 1
SAT 6/1
SAT 6/1
SAT 6/15
SAT 6/29
SAT 7/13
SAT 7/27
SAT 8/10
SAT 8/24

To Apply

Please email your resume and a quick paragraph addressing the following to thequeenstea.media@gmail.com
- why you're interested in joining the team
- relevant skills
- confirming your availability