Editorial Intern

Posted On: December 8, 2010


Media Organization: SportsGrid.com

Company Description

SportsGrid.com is an NYC-based blog covering sports media and culture.

Job Description

SportsGrid is looking for interns to add to our ever-expanding army of media-obsessed sports bloggers. If you think you have what it takes (meaning you can write timely, interesting sports blog posts that critique the current state of sports and sports media), apply within.

We’re looking for two spring semester editorial interns to have a prominent role on SportsGrid over the next few months - meaning you'd get plenty of bylines.

Applicants should be great writers, have an obsessive knowledge of the sports media landscape, blogosphere and Twitter, watch ESPN obsessively, and be familiar with our writing style.

Here are some additional things that won’t hurt your cause:

- Prior sports-blogging experience.

- Familiarity with Twitter.

- Prior experience with photo and video editing software (not a must).

Interns must be available to work full-time at our SoHo offices from January-May. Exact dates are flexible.

To Apply

If you think you’ve got the right stuff, review the form below and email us at info@sportsgrid.com.

Attach ALL of the following documents to your application email:

*** A resume
*** Any three (3) clips of your academic or journalistic writing
*** Two (2) sample news posts that you could see being published on SportsGrid
*** A brief cover letter that includes the following: a little about yourself, what sports blogs you follow and why, who you follow on Twitter, your 3 favorite and least favorite sports media personalities, and links to (2) blog posts that you enjoy (along with the reason you like them. Don't include a SportsGrid post you filthy brown noser).