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Posted On: January 30, 2012

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Media Organization: iCrossing

Company Description

Us: We're iCrossing, a bona fide pioneer of digital advertising. We've been around since '97, and in 2010 we joined the Hearst Corporation as its partner in branded publishing. We've got 750 staffers in 18 offices from New York to Buenos Aires to Seoul, representing more than 40 Fortune 500 partners, including Coca-Cola, FedEx, Epson, LEGO, MasterCard and Toyota.

As social media grows, our new Live Media Studio team helps brands understand and embrace their new opportunity to become their own publishers, telling their stories and engaging in conversations with real people in real time. We've hired experts in audience management, research, and editorial to help our partners communicate with clarity and agility, lifting consumers with great information, and lifting brands with great service. We apply journalistic standards of excellence to branded editorial, and we make sure our amplification gets it to the right audiences.

Job Description

You: an experienced, engaged, detail-obsessed editor and writer. You're passionate about brands, editorial, and social media. You're eager to become a thought leader in the emerging, evolving field of branded online publishing, flexing your journalistic muscles; drawing on your creative reserves to dream up infographics, video scripts, and articles; and building up great brands by blogging your heart out.

You make complex ideas simple. You can draw a crowd on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. You'd RT @wmshakespeare b/c brevity = soul @ wit. You know how to vary your tone and your story to suit your publisher and your audience. You RUN—DON’T WALK—with strategic and creative direction. You know that a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a 300-word blog-post assignment isn’t. You can spin any briefing into a brilliant idea at a moment’s notice, and then build it.

As a senior writer in iCrossing's Live Media Studio, you'll
• brainstorm with us, pitching narrative innovative concepts internally and externally, in any format.
• apply the work ethic of a reporter and the critical energy of a blogger to deliver outstanding content.
• help develop clients’ content strategy and editorial calendars.


• 8 to 12 years of professional editorial experience at printed or online publications; in advertising or interactive agencies; or in video, film, or broadcasting.
• Expertise in writing, editing, blogging, social media, and other forms of written communication.
• Exceptional, versatile writing skills, from two-word headlines to 750-word articles.
• The flexibility to join us as soon as you can, full-time, in Midtown Manhattan.

To Apply

Please send to
• your brief, detailed cover letter, including your salary expectations;
• your resume, including your references; and
• three things—only three—that you're really proud to have written, edited, or produced. (URLs are great. If you need to send samples as PDFs, please e-mail them with the subject heading "LMS Senior Staff Writer, writing samples" to

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