Freelance Writer, Photographer, Videographer

Posted On: February 13, 2012


Media Organization: City Spoonful

Company Description

City Spoonful is a food news website that covers the city's off-the-beaten-path and ethnic communities through food.

Job Description

City Spoonful ( is a food news website dedicated to exploring the communities that make up New York City with a mix of food-related news and feature stories, videos and restaurant reviews. We are looking for writers, photographers and videographers with a love of food and a sense of adventure. We are a start-up (i.e. we can’t afford to pay contributors as of yet.) But we can offer a place to publish your work as you begin to build a portfolio. So if you have a great idea, a passion for exploring off-the-beaten path neighborhoods or just really have a hankering to review that restaurant on your block, shoot us an email. We’re also looking for reporters to attend foodie events throughout the city.

To Apply

For more information, contact Clare Trapasso at