Experienced, Probing, Domestic Public Policy Reporter

Posted On: February 14, 2012

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Remapping Debate

Company Description

Remapping Debate is a small, vibrant, not-for-profit online news journal with stable funding.

Remapping Debate’s mission is to counter the profoundly destructive assumption that undergirds most reporting: that existing U.S. domestic public policies somehow reflect nothing more than submission to inevitable facts of life that always have been and always will be.

Some of the questions that animate our work include: What kind of society do we want to have? Aren't there choices to make that would yield a better life for more people? Shouldn't we imagine desired substantive outcomes and then figure out what is achievable, rather than starting with the assumption that a wide range of substantive outcomes is not affordable?

Job Description

Remapping Debate, a small, vibrant, not-for-profit online news journal with stable funding, is looking for an experienced journalist who is eager to spend all day, every day, doing transformative reporting.


Minimum of five years of full-time experience as a journalist. The successful candidate will be someone who does serious, high quality work. He or she will be highly analytical, write with clarity and precision, and produce stories that are deeply probing without being wonky.

He or she must recognize that thorough and extensive interviewing is integral to most deeply-reported stories, that context is important, and that tough follow-up questions are essential. The right candidate will have intense curiosity about how domestic public policy reflects and is shaped by the questions that tend not to be asked by the press.

In short, we are looking for someone who can imagine the importance of making visible that which is often invisible.

Note on location: You can work out of our New York office, or be a bureau unto yourself if you need to remain in your current location.

Salary and benefits:

Competitive and commensurate with experience in producing the kind of stories we're interested in having reported. In other words, if you've got the talent and desire to help fulfill Remapping Debate's vision, don't think we won't pay you an appropriate salary.

We also pay 100 percent of health insurance premiums and provide unusually generous paid annual vacation time.

To Apply

Go to http://www.remappingdebate.org/node/914 and make sure that in the letter you attach you: (1) your understanding of the specialized approach to reporting taken by Remapping Debate; (2) your sense of what constitutes a sustainable pace of story production in connection with investigating, reporting, and writing pieces of depth and complexity on a wide range of domestic public policy topics; and (3) how you propose to secure and conduct "probing and challenging interviews of policy makers and advocates" in an environment where those policy makers and advocates are accustomed either to not getting tough questions to field or to avoiding those reporters they suspect might push them beyond their sound bites.