Posted On: February 15, 2012


Media Organization: bubbys.com

Company Description

Bubby's is a restaurant with stores in Tribeca, Brooklyn and, interestingly, Japan. We are dedicated to American home cooking and foods from the highways, towns and cities of pre-fast food America. We have a highly developed point of view about American food, what it is, has been, and should be. We want to create a kind of magazine, apart from our regular restaurant websites, to express this point of view.

Job Description

Bubby’s is seeking interns to help staff an online magazine, tentatively called “Bubby’s American Table” or “Bubby’s American Cookery”. We want to develop several types of content:

-Text and visual materials about the condition of the American food and agriculture, both good and bad, including the abuses of industrial monoculture and food processing and efforts to restore traditional farming and traditional (or better than traditional) food crafts.

-Text and visual materials about the history and evolution of American foods, dishes and cooking, including current and innovative developments.

-Recipes and meals, especially focused on seasonal availability and calendar events.

-Pieces on Bubby’s people, dishes, methods, suppliers and events.

To Apply

Email gerry@bubbys.com