Posted On: September 18, 2012

Journalism Job

Media Organization: ILD

Company Description

ILD is a economist Hernando de Soto´s think tank located in Lima, Peru who produces innovative research and publications related to property rights as a means to solve poverty and development problems around the world. ILD´s mission is to empower the poor by providing them the legal institutions that will allow them to enter the market economy. ILD´s main areas of study involve the Arab Spring, the Financial Crisis and Social conflicts in indigenous areas who face the incursion of multinational corporations. www.ild.org.pe

Job Description

The writer will participate in the brainstorming sessions that are part of the process to produce insights that end up published in articles, magazines, on-line and/or books. The person must be able to organize information from different sources and propose the order and sequence of the document being produced.

To Apply

Send resumes and sample of a paper to Carla Olivieri