Editorial Intern

Posted On: February 21, 2013

Journalism Internship

Media Organization: FastCompany magazine

Company Description

The most progressive business media brand in the world, Fast Company inspires a new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of business. With engaging narratives as informative as they are entertaining, Fast Company motivates fans to think beyond traditional boundaries, lead proactively, and most importantly, embrace change.

Job Description

We're looking for an editorial intern who can assist the lead editors of our new technology site launching in March, called FastCoLabs. We will focus on stories about the people who build killer apps, design ingenious interfaces, and make magic happen inside the computing devices we use every day. An interest in technology is strongly preferred, but deep expertise is not a pre-requisite. We are looking for someone approximately 20 hours a week. The schedule is flexible.

If you were to join FC as an editorial intern this week, you'd help our editors get ready to launch the new site: contacting sources, doing background research, and producing news stories. Once the site is launched, you'll have the opportunity to write short articles and help us brainstorm new editorial franchises.

To Apply

Please send an email introducing yourself to fastcolabs@gmail.com.