Posted On: August 24, 2013


Media Organization: AlleyWire

Company Description

AlleyWire is a New York City-based video news company focused on telling stories of startups and innovation in what is known as Silicon Alley.

We present 1-2 minute videos (packages in journalism lingo) showing the companies and their founders in action. We also cover events and other relevant Alley themes. Think of us like TechCrunch with video if you're familiar.

Job Description

As AlleyWire expands, we are looking to engage with a few extremely talented individuals to help us produce our next wave of content.

You will be paired with a professional videographer (photog), producer and script writer for each assignment. Your role will be to go on assigned locations in the City, interview and "present" the company through a short, interactive standup. There may also be voice tracking opportunities for the right individuals, and training will be provided in advance.

Please see and the attached samples as reference points.

Individuals with acting, modeling, journalism, hosting or related tv/media experience are encouraged to apply.

We are looking to fill these roles quickly, and feel this is the perfect opportunity for those looking for serious and interesting video work.

We are looking for interesting people that present well on camera and can bring enthusiasm and innovation to the role. You will be working alongside professional television reporters from a variety of backgrounds, including the AP, NY1, Bloomberg News, FastCompany and CNN.

AlleyWire looks forward to hearing from you!

To Apply

After sending a CV/resume, a note of interest, and any demo reels/video clips and headshots, please then follow the steps below.

1) View this story:

2) Voice track the parts where you currently hear my voice. Or, if you'd like to go the extra mile, rewrite the script and voice track. Don't worry about it making sense with the soundbytes. I just want to hear your voice control, energy, etc.

3) Create a stand up for this story (i.e., film yourself) doing something interactive. I leave the creativity of this up to you, but show me how you would interact if you were doing this piece.

4) Send me a list of five questions you would have asked the entrepreneur during an interview. Show me that you understand the company and that you would get the answers required to tell a complete story.

I don't care about editing or production quality at all (you can record this on an iPhone or webcam). I just want to see and hear your personality come through and know that you'll connect with the audience. Show me your creativity so that I know when I send you out on a story you'll knock it out of the park and make it fun and interesting and informative.