Part-time gaming and film news writer

Posted On: January 24, 2014

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Digital Trends

Company Description

First, a few things we are not: We are not gadget freaks or tech obsessives. We are not smarter than you (at least not all of you. We might be a little smarter than some of you). We are not trying to prove or improve our geek cred. We aren't trying to "re-imagine" the media business. We aren't freaking out when Apple product announcements don't reverse the Earth's rotation, and we don't think Google is evil (Facebook … we're still a little iffy on that one…).

Now, a few things we are: We are here to help you navigate an increasingly digital world. We are writers and editors who are the most likely within our social circles to be asked the question, "Which phone/TV/computer should I buy?" We are providers of trustworthy and unbiased product reviews written in plain English, as well as timely and entertaining coverage of the way tech is changing our lives. We are engineers, sales, and marketing specialists who provide unique solutions to our advertising partners. And we are big: 20 million monthly unique visitors and growing every month — and that's before you get to our syndicated network featuring some of the biggest destinations on the web.

Digital Trends believes that the ubiquitous integration of technology into our everyday lives is both immensely empowering and often confounding, and we resolve to help our audience make informed decisions that allow them to maximize its potential. We promise to never assume that you know what OLED or CPU stands for, nor will we underestimate the value of your take on, or expectation of, technology.

Finally, we pledge to create a platform and a community that provides an easy exchange of information and advice between our staff, our audience, and our partners.

Job Description

Here’s the skinny: Digital Trends, a privately owned tech website with a readership of nearly 20 million per month, is looking for part-time writers to tackle daily gaming and movie news posts. We’re looking for writers to work 20 hours a week, including the odd weekend post.

This is very much an entry level position with the chance to progress, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee this will lead to a full time staff writer spot.

For this job you don’t need to know the name of every game developer in the world or be able to list the filmography of every star in Hollywood, but you must be passionate about both fields and willing to learn. We can help get you up to speed on the current shape of the industries, but it if you aren’t already interested it will show quickly.

There will be days where the pressure is high. You will be expected to write clearly and concisely for a broad audience. Wit is good, snark is not.

Here’s what we’re looking for:
- You must have either a Journalism or English degree from an accredited four year college.
- Familiarity with AP Style is important, but we can help with that as long as you are willing to learn.
- The ability to take lots of criticism, most of it hopefully constructive.
- The ability to write and research quickly, then jump between subjects.
- You must be reachable at all times during your scheduled work hours.
- The skill to pick out stories that fit our audience, and the ability to self-publish when necessary.

To Apply

To apply:
- Please send us a resume and brief cover letter.
- Include three short samples that best define your writing style (can be covering any field).
- Email us at with the subject “Gaming and cinema application.”