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Posted On: June 11, 2014

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: NYU Center for Data Science (CDS)

Company Description

The NYU Center for Data Science (CDS) is a focal point for New York University’s university-wide initiative in data science and statistics. ​CDS ​​ ​​was established to help advance NYU’s goal of creating the country’s leading data science training and research facilities, and arming researchers and professionals with tools to harness the power of big data. ​ Because of the interdisciplinary nature of data science, ​we ​collaborate with many departments within NYU, including anthropology, biology, business, computer science, economics, education, information systems, law, linguistics, mathematics, physics, politics, psychology, public health and sociology.

Job Description

​The NYU Center for Data Science (CDS) ​ ​recently accepted its second cohort of students, who will begin the 2-year Master of Science in Data Science program in September 2014. In anticipation of the next application cycle deadline and as part of our marketing/recruitment tactics, we would like to update the content for more regularly. ​Thus, subject to budget approval, we would like​ to hire​ 1-2 journalism students to provide website content development assistance for approximately 10 hours/week (tentative) during the fall 2014 semester with potential to continue through spring 2015.

Responsibilities would include the following:

1) The hired individual(s) would be asked to attend CDS events, and then write news articles about the events. The write-ups might include a summary of the purpose of the event and 1-2 interviews with the featured speakers or event organizers. The hired individual(s) would post their articles our on site, and would be credited as the author(s).

2) The hired individual(s) may also be asked to research data science-related news and events in NYC, summarize the articles, and then link to the original stories. They would be credited for their summaries.

To Apply

If you are interested in the position, please send your resume and cover letter to