Part-Time Writer

Posted On: November 12, 2014


Media Organization: Phactual

Company Description is an up-an-coming fact-based trivia and entertainment website. We geek out about interesting facts and want to bring out the inner nerd in our fans.

Job Description

Phactual is seeking a part-time writer to join our team. Our ideal candidate is someone who is already familiar with pop culture and also has an interest in facts, trivia and other more “cultured” knowledge areas. A Phactual contributor will be posting content daily on Phactual in an array of topics. You should be able to work extremely quickly, as many times our posts are reactions to things happening real time.

This is a paid opportunity.

Publish new content on Phactual daily
Write “listical” articles to be shared on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest
Pitch article/topic ideas in brainstorm sessions
Being on top of current news & pop culture happenings
Perform article research as assigned by the Phactual team
Write short posts that people are driven to share

An interest in the world of facts, world news and pop culture
Overall eagerness and enthusiasm
Strong organizational skills
Comfort with the incredibly fast pace of internet publishing
Flexibility in covering multiple topics
Strong multitasker capable of working with a fast moving & skilled team

Candidates should apply through on our site and include the following:
Your resume
A cover letter that explains why you'd be right for the job and what blogs you read (or contribute to!)
Your blog, twitter account, tumblr and any other social media aspects to your life that you think we should see

To Apply

To apply, visit and click the 'Email Us' button. Submit your resume, cover letter, samples of previous work, and any other relevant links/info that you think we might want to see.

We will contact you via email after you submit your application.