Summer Editorial Intern

Posted On: February 12, 2015

Journalism Internship

Media Organization: Cincinnati Magazine

Company Description

Cincinnati Magazine is an award-winning, monthly publication that covers the most fascinating people, stories, style, and food of the Queen City.

Job Description

The intent of our program is to give students a real taste of magazine life. Interns are key members of the staff and are treated as such. Some of our former interns have gone on to full-time jobs in magazine publishing, armed with research, writing, and reporting skills that they honed during their time with us.

The primary areas of responsibility during the four-month internships are fact checking, research/reporting, completing short writing assignments, and staff participation/interaction.

Please note that while there is the chance to write short pieces (between 150-250 words) for the magazine as well as the website, this is not a writing internship. The majority of our intern work focuses on fact checking and research.

All applicants must still be students. (Sorry, we are unable to accept applications from recent graduates.) Course credit is offered but is not a requirement.

We will offer three unpaid editorial internships this summer. Each internship is 15 hours per week. We understand that many students need to earn money over the summer and we are flexible with scheduling. Our offices are located in the Carew Tower in Downtown Cincinnati. Parking is included.

To Apply

Please send a resume, a cover letter that explains your interest in magazines, and writing samples that best showcase your ability to Adam Flango at