Posted On: February 13, 2015

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Money-Media, a division of The Financial Times

Company Description

Money-Media is a friendly company with an entrepreneurial spirit. We are an organization of people with initiative and integrity who are passionate about their profession and value positive and creative thinking, a commitment to continual improvement and resiliency.

As a subsidiary of Pearson, the parent of the Financial Times, we offer an attractive benefits package including medical and dental, 401(k) and additional perks.

Pearson is committed to equality of opportunity. We are determined to create a diverse group at all levels of our company -- and we welcome all members of the community we serve to apply for openings with us.

Job Description

Money-Media, a subsidiary of the Financial Times, has two open positions for a reporter/editor with a strong interest in both written and visual journalism to grow community-driven features across its asset management and corporate governance publications. Each position will work on two of our successful publications to enhance our infographics, and to develop survey-driven articles, columns and webcasts.

This is an ideal opportunity for a proven beat reporter who wants to master a broad range of skills, including interviewing high-level executives, writing about the latest industry trends, commissioning and editing opinion columns, and producing lively, topical webcasts. Top candidates must be enthusiastic about business journalism, possess strong intellectual curiosity, creativity, and time management skills. They should thrive in a team-based work environment. Applicants must understand complicated topics quickly and then report on these issues in a clear manner, helping us incorporate the voice of our influential readership into our publications. This position combines the best of traditional reporting and editing with new techniques to address what drives and motivates our readers.

Contenders should think creatively about conveying information through graphics and other data-driven mediums. We expect this candidate to help us as a company learn more about these tools and to guide us as we expand their use internally.

Candidates will need to interact with members of the financial community in different ways: as a reporter writing news, as a researcher obtaining data, as a producer helping a webcast participant hone a presentation, and as a coach helping a contributor whose writing tends towards jargon. They should have experience working on multiple tasks under daily deadline pressure.

One position will work on Ignites and BoardIQ, which cover the retail asset management industry and are the dominant publications in their field. The other position will work on FundFire, the dominant daily publication in the institutional and high-net-worth asset management industry, and Agenda, the leading publication for corporate board rooms. All are highly profitable publications with large, sophisticated and engaged readerships.

Candidates with a background in graphics, research, statistics and/or economics are encouraged to apply.


Generate between one and two infographics a week, with a possibility to expand that mandate.
Report a series of articles based on an in-depth quarterly survey that focuses on industry trends.
Devise regular snap polls of the readership and provide coverage of the results.
Produce webcasts for each publication. That includes defining topics, finding and preparing panelists and moderators, setting up the webcast with an outsourced vendor, editing slides, writing promotional announcement articles and emails, and overseeing the live event from both a technical and editorial standpoint.
Commission and edit opinion columns and other contributed content.
Attend editorial staff meetings and work closely with different publications to conceptualize and then implement the highest quality content.


A keen interest in community-driven reporting, visual journalism and business news.
Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university/college.
Significant experience, at least five years, working as a journalist, preferably on a daily deadline. We are open to all levels of experience above that point.
A track record of working successfully as part of a team.
Strong ability to generate and pitch ideas.
A detail-oriented, inquisitive individual who works constantly to improve their skills. Must be able to learn new technical processes. Knowledge of Word, Excel, Power Point and Adobe applications.

It Also Helps If Candidates Have Knowledge of:
Adobe graphics software (Illustrator), HTML, Javascript, and other front-end web tools
Online graphic libraries such as D3 or Raphael
Webcast production

To Apply

Please send a cover letter explaining why you are the right fit for one of these positions, your resume and clips to Clips can include articles, graphics, sound files of webcasts, or anything else which showcases your work.