Freelance Feature Writers

Posted On: May 4, 2015


Media Organization: Guerrero Howe Custom Media

Company Description

Taking a humanistic approach to business news, Guerrero Howe is redefining the B-to-B sector with titles that are informative, interesting, personal, and relevant.

About our 6 magazines: American Builders Quarterly dissects standard-setting architecture, while Profile, Hispanic Executive, Advantage, Modern Counsel, and Sync tap the executive class for its insight, opinions, and personal stories.

Job Description

Guerrero Howe is looking for dynamic, inquisitive reporters to write (locally or remotely) for any or all of its six industry-leading magazines: American Builders Quarterly, Profile, Hispanic Executive, Advantage, Modern Counsel, and Sync.

Writers are provided with sources, story angles, and preliminary research to begin each feature. They need only conduct a phone interview, supplement with any necessary research, write the article, and fact-check it. Features are usually completed within a two-week timeframe from the date of assignment.

Assignments vary in length from 500 to 2,000 words. Writers are compensated at a rate of $.18 per word (approximately $90-$360/feature).

To Apply

• Bachelor’s degree or higher in journalism, English, communications or related field.
• Experience writing for a print or digital publication (1 year).
• Excellent command of language with the ability to vary sentence structure and story organization while maintaining clarity and the highest quality of mechanics.
• Strong verbal communications skills to conduct confident, professional interviews.
• A body of work demonstrating above-average writing ability.
• Ability to perform basic, topical background research.
• Initiative to find the most interesting story and tell it in the most interesting way.
• Attention to detail, strong organizational skills, and adherence to deadlines.
• Business, architecture, technology, or other industry-specific specialization a plus.

To apply, send a resume and no more than five published clips demonstrating appropriate writing experience to No phone calls or faxes, please.