Editorial Assistant

Posted On: October 27, 2015

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Digital Trends

Company Description

Digital Trends (http://www.digitaltrends.com) is an online tech and lifestyle magazine covering everything electronic — from the latest Apple iPad developments to innovations in the world of hybrid-electric vehicles. Our content spans from news, expert analysis, and opinion pieces to in-depth reviews and guides.

Job Description

Digital Trends (http://www.digitaltrends.com) is seeking part-time editorial assistants with a love of consumer tech and gadgetry. This is a fast-paced gig where you'll find and write multiple news stories every day, aid in the editorial process, and also attend industry events as time goes on.

Do not apply unless you have experience reporting online tech news and work from our New York City office (near Penn Station) several hours each week day (during normal work hours).

You must know how to fact check, create basic header images for a story, and be self-driven to start new projects. If we're satisfied with your work, it could develop into a consistent, long-term working relationship with many opportunities down the road.

Right now, we're hunting for writers to contribute to our Mobile/Wearables, Social Media, Smart Home, Audio/Video, and Photography tech sections. In addition to news, Digital Trends offers roundups, features, opinion, "how to," and "tips" articles to help users get the most out of their social media experience.

Broad knowledge of the current tech landscape is a must, and if you don't know how to use WordPress, you'll need to learn fast. In time, a solid candidate will earn the option to write feature posts, do live reporting, review products, and contribute regular articles / columns based on hot topics. Compensation is per hour, and negotiable based on experience.

To apply, please include a cover letter explaining your background, your areas of interest/experience in tech, your availability, a resume, and three published clips (links are fine, include a LinkedIn), or a link to your portfolio. Tell us what you offer Digital Trends and why you'd like to join our team.

In lieu of published clips, you may also choose to complete the following assignment: Explain how to play the card game “Hearts” to a person who has never played it before. Be as clear and concise as possible, and use effective formatting and organization techniques to aid comprehension.

We will not consider applications without a cover letter, resume, and writing sample of some kind.

To Apply

Please email Jeffrey Van Camp (jvancamp@digitaltrends.com).