Assistant Managing Editor

Posted On: October 29, 2015

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Odyssey

Company Description

Odyssey is a social content platform that crowdsources ideas from millennial thought leaders in their local communities. It surfaces a rich and otherwise untapped diversity of stories and viewpoints to share with an audience hungry for a variety of perspectives. The platform empowers its thousands of writers to contribute and share what matters to them, and enables content to find its most relevant audience organically: 90% of Odyssey content is encountered because someone the reader knows shared it with them. All Odyssey content undergoes a rigorous editorial process which combines its proprietary MUSE technology with the insights of its editorial team. Odyssey launched online in 2014, and is growing explosively with a highly engaged Millennial and Gen Z audience. It has a presence in over 350 communities nationwide, growing to 600 communities by year end.

Job Description

Odyssey is looking for a driven leader who will revolutionize the model of content creation and content discovery by building a community of influencers around the country that capture diverse, hyper-local perspectives. Candidates should have a passion for digital media and finding new ways to push the industry forward. Assistant Managing Editors will manage 20 communities of millennial thought leaders across the country. Candidates should have a strong strategy mindset as they will be integral to our continued growth.

To Apply

Submit resume and cover letter to Managing Editor Christina Gregg at