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Posted On: November 10, 2015

Paid Journalism Internship

Media Organization: Tampa Bay Times

Company Description

Largest newspaper in Florida

Job Description


The Tampa Bay Times data team is looking for fantastic young data journalists, web designers and news-minded hackers to be interns or fellows with us in 2016.

Our seven-person team analyzes data to inform and improve the world. We also use web development to experiment with better ways to tell news stories online. And we write computer code that helps our traditional newsroom do impactful journalism in a digital era — in both how we find stories and how we present them.

Our interns tackle big, ambitious projects as full-fledged members of the team. The intern who started here in January spent the last 10 months analyzing data and building graphics to show what happened to black children when our schools resegregated. The intern who started in June has rewritten much of our longform-story infrastructure, learned to both analyze data and make 3D charts, and shared bylines on front-page stories about presidential fundraising.

Our next intern could be a great reporter who finds watchdog stories in spreadsheets. Or a web designer / graphics maven with innovative ideas about digital storytelling. Or a statistics / computer science student who wants to use those skills to inform the public. You don’t have to be a journalist right now. You do have to want to be one.

You must have skill at data reporting, web development, infographics or statistics. Aside from that, we have one main criteria: You’re already great at one thing. You want to be great at more.

Coming here means joining a newsroom filled with young talent and seasoned veterans willing to mentor. You get to live by the beach and cover Florida, America’s most divine state for news, where a the mayoral race being decided with a deck of cards was the second-craziest thing that happened last week.

We’re offering three-month internships at $450 a week, dates flexible. For the right candidate we’d consider a six-month fellowship at a higher salary.

To Apply

Sound like you? Send us:

* A resume
* A cover letter. Tell us what your dream internship on our team would look like. Then pick one thing from this list of projects our paper has done, and tell us how your skills could have helped make it better.
* Clips/work samples. A clip could be a published story, a web page you built, a graphic you made or your GitHub account. It could be a crazy multitenancy Node.js app. It could be a really gripping flowchart. Show us your best work, whatever form it takes.

Email your application by end of day Sunday, Dec. 6, with the subject line “data team internship,” to:

Adam Playford
Director of Data and Digital Enterprise