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Posted On: November 25, 2015

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: Xometry

Company Description

Xometry ( is a next-generation advanced manufacturing company utilizing proprietary software. Highland Capital Partners, a $3 billion global venture capital firm, is Xometry's lead investor.

Xometry, founded in the fall of 2013 and based in the Washington, DC area, is committed to bringing manufacturing back to the United States by using software to build a robust and scalable manufacturing program. Xometry employs a machine-learning approach to offer its customers the optimal manufacturing solution at the best price. Xometry’s diverse customer base of more than 1,200 companies includes blue-chip names such as General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Medtronic, MIT Lincoln Lab, NASA, Samsung, Stryker and the US Army.

Job Description

We are looking to hire journalists who are uniquely capable of helping make esoteric subjects understandable to a wide audience in a compelling way. Some of their specific duties will include:

1. Working closely with the Head of Marketing to develop the content strategy that attracts users and creates differentiation in the market

2. Defining the messaging and key channels for individual customer segments

3. Generating and promoting compelling content across a variety of digital marketing tactics including emails, blog posts, videos, customer case studies and user guides

To Apply

Submit a cover letter and email to Ted Lubin: