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Posted On: December 2, 2015


Media Organization: ATOD Magazine

Company Description

ABOUT ATOD Magazine {A Taste of Dawn]

Aspiring. Thoughtful. Opulent. Daring.
A magazine about living a cultured life.

We live each day in search of something … Something to set our souls on fire. Something to motivate us. Something to connect us. Something to inspire us. Something to change the way we see the world.

That’s what ATOD is meant for. To tell a story in a way it has never been told before. With thoughtfulness and bold content; content that, instead of merely offering a story, offers something that brings us together – to learn from, to inspire, to hope for, to long for, to aspire to.

Writing reviews can be a tricky business, and all too often journalistic integrity is strangled by cruelty or negativity rather than the criticism and honesty necessary for all things to thrive.

Interviews are candid looks at people you may know and some you may not and the true beauty is to share an insightful view into someone else’s world that maybe, just maybe, you’ll relate to or be inspired by or be encouraged by.

Life is meant to savor every moment and every single moment we’re given is one not to be wasted.

That is what the content you read in ATOD Magazine is meant to be: something that educates, invigorates, inspires and invites.

So while this may be “A Taste of Dawn”, it is also the platform where I hope to see creativity thrive and passion soar …

Dawn Garcia, Founder + Editor-in-Chief

Job Description

Writers WANTED

Passion. Constructive Reviews. Creative Writing. Storytellers. Original Content.

ATOD Magazine is a Lifestyle + Culture Online Magazine that reaches 14 million readers every year around the world. Our goal is to find the passion in life through art, culture, fashion, design, food, wine, travel and philanthropy.

We’re especially interested in personal style, personal essays, cultural criticism with innovative, unique and diverse points of view, perspectives from young, old, and millennials alike, smart articles with original story, reporting, and visuals. We want stories that YOU are passionate about in the way that only you could tell it. We want to know what you’re excited about, inspired by it, and passionate about it whether it’s something you saw at a museum or on the runway or something you tried at a restaurant or a family recipe, a cultural influence, a beautiful story the world has to know … you get the idea.

We love articles that focus on creativity, things that bring people together whether it’s living the dream, educating readers on the latest trends (in any lifestyle community), the search for optimism, figuring out how to be an entrepreneur, positive body image, the crazy things that happen in life, finding a rare discovery, great places to visit, hole in the walls you have to try, movies you can’t live without, quick fashion tips for a guy or gal on the go, charity events, fun adventures, unique apparel, unique art, gorgeous photography, etc. You can tell us about a celebrity that inspires you and why, a random stranger that changed your life, and anything that might inspire the world to take a closer look.

We want honest, heartfelt articles and we are always looking for a new voice to share.

What’s NOT right for us?

Negativity (we hate that), Tabloid drama (not our thing), Anything that would tear someone down (because we believe in unifying).

Right now, we’re not looking for pieces of fiction, poems, screenplays, or plays (we love them, and maybe we’ll get to that soon … just not yet).

Who we’re looking for …

Funny, honest, smart, creative people with strong writing and grammar skills and the ability to be clever, inventive and really peak our interests who’d love to see their writing published on a large scale – plus, who doesn’t love to be discovered?!

Photographers, Artists and illustrators who want to share their work with the ATOD Magazine global community are also what we love fostering and supporting.

All contributors are given access to very high end events, including NYFW, private exhibitions, James Beard tastings, and the like. Professionalism is key.

To Apply

Email us at with ideas you have for specific articles as well as a short (one paragraph) description of who you are and what kind of writing you do.

In the subject line, write a very brief description of the idea you have for an article, i.e. “5 Movies You Have to See Before You Die”, or “An Artist Who Does More Than Paint …”, or “I took one bite and was sent into a foodgasm.” (You can include more story ideas in the body of the email)

If you already have a draft of a story you think might be right for us, go ahead and send it! We’d love to read it to see if it might be a good fit.

If you have writing samples, send them along.

Be patient, if we choose your story, art, photography, or otherwise, we will be sure you are notified.