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Posted On: December 2, 2015

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Thrillist Media Group

Company Description

Thrillist Media Group (TMG) is obsessed with helping guys live fun lives and reaches over 15 million of them across the globe, every single day. Seamlessly blending content and commerce, TMG digs deep to inform guys how to best spend their time and money across the lifestyle categories they care about most.

Job Description

The mission at Thrillist’s core over the past 10 years has been to help people enjoy their cities, and the infinite options they hold, the best we possibly can. Often, this involves grilled cheese, which is good. We’re looking for a CITIES EDITOR who can manage and guide freelancers in multiple cities across the US and world, and work with them to constantly produce engaging, exciting, stomach-warming stories locals love. There will be plenty of food and drink, of course, but also a focus on activities, dating, discovery, and commentary around what really matters in a city.

- Daily production of the best damn local service, commentary, and news stories the Internet has ever seen
- Help recruit, then manage a stable of incredibly skilled freelancers in a handful of markets
- Draw the best possible ideas out of those freelancers -- the ones who truly understand what makes their city tick, and what’s happening in it
- Work closely with freelancers in an open-dialogue back-and-forth editing environment to help them grow as writers
- Create something DIFFERENT. Lots of people write lots of things in lots of cities; we want you to figure out a million fantastic, groundbreaking ways to approach them and set Thrillist apart from the field.
- Write some of that stuff yourself, too! You’re also smart and have stuff to say. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We swear your mom did not write this.
- Work efficiently in our CMS and know all its ins and outs, as well as our freelancer workflow system
- Encourage freelancers to pitch and give them the feedback they need to learn and understand our editorial plan so that you can effectively draw the best possible ideas out of the people who truly understand what makes their city tick and what's happening in it.
- Push writers to promote stories in creative fashion using social media and whatever the hell will swallow our lives after social media
- Outline and execute a vision for reaching new, diverse audiences, using Google Analytics and Chartbeat to inform strategy

- A Bachelor's Degree and 3+ years of digital writing/editing experience
- Must have experience multi-tasking and tracking many projects simultaneously
- A palpitating desire to work with writers to make them better (including the one who wrote “palpitating desire”)
- A proven ability to get viral traffic
- Must have a strong, creative eye for images that work with a story and will sell it on social
- Must be comfortable leveraging data to develop audience loyalty
- Must have strong interpersonal skills, and must be comfortable receiving constructive criticism
- Strong social media presence -- apparently people are starting to like Instagram and Twitter and stuff

To Apply

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