Junior Writer

Posted On: March 17, 2016

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Blasting News

Company Description

Blasting News is the leading social journalism platform in the world, selected and funded by Google Innovation Fund (DNI) to revolutionize digital information in Europe. Blasting News publishes 15,000 independent, original articles each month to an audience of more than 44 million readers in 34 countries, thanks to an extraordinary team of freelance writers.

Job Description

We give you the power to take the wheel, write and publish articles free from editorial pressure on an international platform.
You get complete freedom - publish what you want and when you want.
You can write news and informational content. While of course we welcome specialists on particular topics, you are not confined to only write on one subject matter.
You will produce stories that are compelling, factually correct, creative, and written in a clear manner.


We are committed to a fair compensation system based on the performance of each article which, in most cases, ends up paying more than most freelancers would earn for a fix-priced piece.
All articles can earn up to $150 based on a number of views.
Senior editors earn a fixed rate per article they edit.
Certified Contributors earn a fixed rate per article on top of performance earnings.


Subject matter expertise and ability to write interesting, informed articles.
Social network and SEO knowledge to attract an audience and increase the visibility of articles.
Enthusiasm for the platform and desire to change the world of journalism.

Career development:

We are growing rapidly so it is an exciting time to join our company. This is reflected in the great opportunities for career development in this role:

You will join Blasting News as a Junior Contributor. Your articles will be reviewed by our senior editors.
Once you have gained experience on the platform, you can be promoted to Mid Contributor and can publish in total editorial freedom, whenever you want without waiting for editorial approval.
You can be made a Senior Contributor based on the results you reach and the level of interaction with the community. As a Senior, you may publish your own articles without approval, be paid more to edit articles and take a greater role in community management.
If you perform exceptionally well, you can become a Certified Contributor, one of our Blasting News elite journalists, and report breaking news first-hand.

We have recently featured on Forbes and journalism.co.uk and are competing with the biggest new media giants. We are excited about what’s to come and you should be, too.

Join us now and be part of the revolution!


To Apply

anyone can sign up. www.blastingnews.com
Use the web address to sign up and start earning.
Send your resume and cover letter to us@blastingnews.com