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Posted On: June 1, 2016

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: Electric Dreams Media Corporation

Company Description

Electric Dreams Media Corporations is home to a music label, audio studios, video and film production studios, and broadcast studios. EDM Corp. is an emergent global platform, hosting an internet editorial presence that creates content in the following categories: Action Sports; Music + Film; Fashion + Lifestyle; Culture + Current Events, and Art. Our department editors have worked with Rolling Stone, Vogue, NPR, Time, GQ, and EW. Consultants, and affiliated companies and organizations include but are not limited to ESPN, Wasserman, the United Nations, and He For She.

Job Description

Not all writers are the same, not all positions offered to writers are the same, arrangements may be made to suite the individual.

General duties:
Writing content for publication; including reports, reviews, columns, features, and posts.

Carrying out research.

Attending conferences, and events.

May require travel. Many staff position writers depending on their area of coverage may need to travel internationally.

Administrative or clerical duties may also be part of the job.

Multiple positions are open; Editor, and Sub-Editor. Contributing writers are welcome. Considering EDM's visual presence, journalists may be offered space in numerous daily/weekly shows created as a host or writer.

To Apply

Submit to Laurencia Ciprus (

A resume

A pitch that should be no longer than 1 page and explain why you should be apart of the team

3 articles you've written

If accepted, an interview date will be established.