Co-Producer and Host

Posted On: June 7, 2016

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Media Organization:

Company Description

THE PROJECT: This live weekly web cast will focus on political and cultural issues and debates that most of the media have ignored, under reported or found "to hot to handle".

VIEWERS BECOME PARTICIPANTS: A unique feature of this live web cast is that viewers can be active participants, able to respond and interact with each other and with guests...beyond just asking questions or taking sides. Using the web sites proprietorial algorithm they will create a collective intelligence to drive the debate and seek answers beyond any one individuals input. Please check out the web site for more details.

Job Description

The role of the Co-Producer will be to work closely with the Producer, via the web, on all aspects of pre-production, as well as sharing live hosting. This is an opportunity to help build a new kind of program from the ground up. A creative self-starter ready to experiment and to learn is required.

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Please submit links to examples of your work and any information that will help us know what your strengths are and the skills you want to develop to Paul McIsaac (