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Posted On: February 6, 2017

Journalism Internship

Media Organization: Women Are Tough

Company Description

We are launching an online platform for journalism that will provide a venue for people to read about WOMEN; specifically, the strength that is required for many of them to overcome challenges that have lead to their ability to achieve great accomplishments. We will uncover stories about women in the following 6 genres: @Home, Business, Entertainment, Health & Wellness, Politics, World.
We plan to have stories written by strong junior journalists, from various academic institutions; along with some features written by acclaimed journalists.
It will be a journey that will expose, celebrate, and embrace the superpower that lives within each and every woman. Because "Women Are Tough(er)"!

Job Description

This is an unpaid opportunity for great aspiring journalists who aspire to excel in this digital age of journalism. You must have the passion and ability to create unique, engaging content, that results in memorable, shareable stories for all social media platforms.

To Apply

• Submit a current resume and cover letter.
• Submit sample journalistic stories that you have written.
• Indicate which of the 6 genres you would be interested in writing for.
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