Senior Producer, CR Video

Posted On: January 19, 2018

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Consumer Reports

Company Description

Consumer Reports is non-profit, social enterprise striving to make the world fairer, safer and healthier for all people.

Job Description

A creative content leader overseeing and executing a wide range of digital and broadcast visual work for Consumer Reports Video. Responsible for understanding and implementing the latest technological advancements and production trends, and helping lead others in the department to adopt those trends.

• Generate short and long-form ideas for digital videos and CRTV news reports; works closely with all CR stakeholders including Editorial, Advocacy, Labs, Survey, & Communications to direct, script, shoot, voice, and produce content.
• Conceive and execute compelling video storytelling-techniques that may include text, user-generated content, social media components, animation, motion graphics and other strategies that surface in the industry.
• May be asked to assume leadership and strategy role in developing and creating unique content for external partners such as YouTube, MSN, iTunes and other media or retail outlets.
• Create video for social platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories
• Help oversee other Video Producers in areas where Senior Producer may have specific strengths such as story conception, script writing, visual design, editing and creation of moving images.
• Coordinate with Web editors, social media team and distribution partners to get videos published and optimized for traffic and impact.
• Oversee video production in CU labs; field-produces reports off-site, including at the Auto Test Facility in Connecticut.


Communication Skills
Demonstrates ability to speak, write and present information in a clear, concise and compelling manner that is tailored to a particular audience.

Strong ability to forge solid working relationships with colleagues across the organization. Desire and commitment to establish a partnering and trusting relationship with internal and external people

Demonstrates skill at accomplishing own work without the need for close supervision. Takes action based on urgency, customer needs and the needs of the business without always having to ask for guidance.

Time Management
Demonstrates ability to accomplish tasks by established deadlines; demonstrates discipline in using time management tools and techniques. Able to use time efficiently despite competing demands and priorities.

Technical Skills
Understands specialty equipment, keeps knowledge up-to-date, is a technical resource for others, follows technology practices and standards.

Bachelor's degree with at least five to seven years of experience in digital video or broadcast TV production. Strategic thinking and advanced producing skills essential. Must be able to work in a self-directed capacity to execute compelling visual story-telling techniques, as well as lead others. Can translate complex technical information into informative, conversational video reports; strong interpersonal skills, ability to build consensus and excellent organization skills required. Proficient with Adobe Premiere, Adobe Creative Suite, and other emerging video production and editing technologies.



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