Podcast Host

Posted On: May 7, 2018


Media Organization: catalysta

Company Description

catalysta creates podcasts, videos, and collaborative tools that connect the dots between satisfying work, personal and social evolution, and the common good.

Job Description

catalysta seeks a dynamic individual to host an ongoing podcast series. The show consists of three 45-minute segments produced on a semi-annual basis. The first program is on an contributor/expenses only basis. Ongoing programs will be paid.

The podcast will be presented on the website, Democracy at Work. The team consists of a producer, editor/mixer, composer/sound designer, and the host.

The show will debut in June, with parts 2 and 3 presented in July and August.

The Beautiful Work Challenge
What values lay at the heart of our work? Why do ethical principles get short shrift these days? Who’s found ways to engage in quality work? The Beautiful Work Challenge tells stories of industry, people and principles. We begin On Birth followed by On Education.

- Collaborate on the structure of the show and the stories we tell
- Research interview guests
- Develop questions
- Conduct interviews
- Co-write and record narrative
- Edit a rough cut of the show
- Oversee the fine cut

- Excellent journalist, researcher, writer
- Gifted storyteller
- Experience in recording and sound editing
- Great on-air presence
- Resonate with the theme of the podcast

To Apply

Email resume and cover letter to Edward Goldberg (edw.goldberg@gmail.com)