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Posted On: August 30, 2018


Media Organization:

Company Description, an independent news media site since 2012, features daily national and international political, economic, social and environmental coverage and analysis. We strive to connect the dots and uncover critical stories about corporate and government influence and corruption, while shining a light on the positive movements, organizations and trends defining the new progressive agenda.

Job Description

We're looking for new enterprising freelancers to join our team. We pay $100 per article (700-1,200wd) and welcome submissions from writers on topics including 2018 candidates & campaigns, money in politics, economic justice & inequality, wage/labor union developments, climate movement, college debt, immigrant rights, Medicare for all, police & criminal justice reform, financial deregulation, gender equality and independent investigative projects, among others.

To Apply

Please write to managing editor Michael Levitin at, with "Freelance Contributor" in the subject header, and briefly introduce yourself along with your resume, any published clips you'd like to include, and a few story ideas for articles you'd like to submit.