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Posted On: March 14, 2019

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: Office of NYC Council- Majority Leader Laurie A. Cumbo

Company Description

The New York City Council (NYCC) is the legislative body of New York City’s government. The NYCC introduces and votes on legislation; negotiates the City’s budget with the Mayor, and approves its adoption; monitors City agencies to ensure they’re effectively serving New Yorkers; and votes on land use and city planning proposals that help determine the growth and development of New York. The Speaker of the NYCC is elected by Council Members and appoints the Majority Leader, who comes from the political party with the most representation.

Job Description

The office of NYC Council Majority Leader, Laurie A. Cumbo, seeks a full-time Director of Communications to oversee all strategic communications, including but not limited to social media management, writing press releases, talking points, remarks, and drafting op-eds. Additionally, the Director of Communications will manage media relations and serve as a liaison to all Committees and Caucuses that the Majority Leader is a member of.

Specific Responsibilities:
This role will oversee the following responsibilities, in addition to other duties that may arise:
 Model, uphold and enforce office standards, processes, and expectations;
 Direct strategy and execution for all internal and external communications, including press releases, official statements, op-eds, social media and blog posts, e-newsletter, office collateral, and public relations messaging;
 Articulate consistent messaging and priorities on behalf of the Majority Leader, ensuring communications are always on-brand;
 Serve as primary source and conduit of all office communications and information, both internally and externally, providing approval of all correspondence authored by Majority Leader’s office;
 Create and manage the development, distribution and maintenance of all print and electronic collateral, including but not limited to event communications, resolutions, proclamations, and citations;
 Field all media and press inquiries from news outlets, as well as requests for quotes, and respond to all inquiries in a timely manner;
 Maintain a list of current media contacts, and proactively establish relationships with media/press/communications contacts;
 Create original content for digital communications, including monthly e-newsletters and op-eds, and maintain a consistent posting schedule;
 Establish and maintain communications calendar, ensuring Majority Leader is aligned with communications strategy;
 Coordinate with Chief of Staff to draft media advisories, press releases and other external communications for legislation hosted or primed by Majority Leader, as well as help to organize press conferences around relevant legislation, funding victories, emergencies in the district, and urgent issues;
 Maintain acute awareness of trends, events, and major news locally, regionally and nationally in order to draft relevant responses;
 Serve as liaison to Committees & Caucuses that Majority Leader is a member of, and provide (write) all relevant speeches, talking points, memos, etc.;
 Collaborate with Chiefs to brief Majority Leader on upcoming Stated meetings and hearings, informing relevant talking points, press releases, etc.;
 Staff Majority Leader at evening and weekend events when requested, taking the lead on press events, media assignments, and public speaking engagements;
 Attend all assigned community meetings (i.e. community board meetings, tenant association meetings, etc.); and
 Other duties as assigned.

Desired Qualifications:
(The following qualifications are desired, but not required)
 Extensive communications experience, including strategy and execution;
 Strong written and oral communication skills;
 Ability to interact with stakeholders at all levels, including government officials, public figures, community leaders, staff, volunteers and members of the public;
 Prior experience working within the office of an elected official, specifically in communications and with press/media; and
 Ability to work efficiently and effectively in a fast-paced, high stakes environment.

To Apply

Please email your resume and cover letter at Crystal Hudson (